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What you'll need

When you first sign up, you will be signing up not only a school, but a principal and technical administrator as well. Your signup process will go faster if you have the following information on hand:

  • School
    • address
    • mission statement
    • email address
  • Principal
    • address
    • email
    • phone number
  • Technical administrator
    • address
    • email
    • phone number

In addition, you will need to select passwords for all of the above.

An email address is now required for all parents, teachers, technical administrators, and principals.

How to sign up your school

Go to the school signup page.

SCHOOL SIGNUP ID - enter the number that we provided for you. If you did not recieve the signup ID, please email to recieve the school signup ID.

SCHOOL PASSWORD - this is what the teachers will use to sign up.

Sign up the principal and technical administrator on the following pages.

Activate your school

When you are finished, please send an email to to have us activate your school. You will not be able to login till we activate your school.

Activate your account

After you complete the signup process, an email will be sent to the principal and technical administrator that contains instructions on how to activate your account. After it is activated, you will be able to login to add classes, announcements, assignments, and newsletters.

Teacher signup

Techs will be able to sign up teachers and other techs. Teachers will also be able to sign themselves up.

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