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To register, click on “Parent Registration” in the left navigation bar. Fill in your information. You must have the school code in order to register. Your school should have given you this code. If you do not have one, please contact your school to receive your School Code. You must also have a valid email address in order to register. A confirmation email will be sent to you at the email address you provide.
Clear VirtaulED Cookie
If you are having problems with multiple identities not showing up when you login, you may need to clear your cookie that had been previously set. To do this follow this link. This should clear the contents of the VirtualEd cookie and allow you to login with your identity choices.
Nothing Happens When Logging In

If you are typing your email address and password into the boxes and logining in but nothing happens. If you do not get a message saying your login name or password is incorrect then you need to enable cookies. This is a process that is best left up to the following sites:
For IE 5.x go here
For IE 6.0 go here

Sign Up for Classes
Click on “Manage Class Subscription List” in order to access and receive email from classes. Check the classes you would like to sign up for and click "Save".
My Home Page
The main areas on the parent home page:





My Desk
-MY CLASSES - view assignments from here.

-MANAGE CLASS SUBSCRIPTION LIST – manage which classes you are signed up for.

-MY CALENDAR – view assignments, holidays, announcements, and events in a calendar format.

School Newsletter
This displays an excerpt from the latest newsletter and contains a link to the previous newsletters.
My Classes
Shows a list of your classes and includes links to their assignment pages, their calendars, and the teacher’s email.
Right Navigation Bar
MY HOME – returns to your home page

ADMINISTRATION – links to the contents of MY DESK

VIEW NEWSLETTERS – allows you to view newsletters

MY CLASSES – quickly access your assignments

MY CALENDARS – quickly access your calendars

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My Calendar
“My Calendar” allows at-a-glance knowledge of your school’s events. You can view all events or filter by class and/or event type.
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Calendar Display
– click on the assignment to see the details.

– click on the assignment to see the details.

– the current date is highlighted on the calendar, and the EVENTS box above the calendar default’s to all the events for today’s date.

- Only the first three events of any day are shown, regardless of what options are selected. To see the full list of events for a day, click on the “EYE.” The events will appear in the EVENT BOX above the calendar.

– This box above the calendar shows the complete list of events for a day. When you click on the eye, all the events are displayed here.

Each type of event is color coded to match the checklist above. For instance, assignments are shown in black, tests in red, holidays in gray, etc.

“What is that eye?” The eye is basically a “More…” button. When you click on it, it shows the entire list of events for the day in the EVENT BOX.

Display Options
The drop box at the top of the page contains all the classes that you have signed up for.

Select the class you wish to see, select the event types that you want to show up on the calendar, then click “View” to see the events for the class.

What if my class is not shown in the drop box?
If you wish to see a class that is not displayed in the drop box, click on ADMINISTRATION in the RIGHT NAVIGATION BAR and the “MANAGE CLASS SUBSCRIPTION LIST”. Select the classes you wish to view and return to the calendar.

This option allows you to only show certain types of events on the calendar. Select or deselect the assignment types you wish to see and click on “View.”

The events shown on the calendar will be color-coded to match the selection list.

The calendar displays an eye on dates when the events are of types that are not shown. An eye is also shown if there are more than three events that should be shown on a particular date.

To see the next or previous month on the calendar, click on the left or right arrows next to the month name at the top of the calendar.

Changing Email Address
To change your email address you must first login. On the right side navigation bar click on the link called "Account Tools". On the next page click on the link called "Edit my Profile". Here you can change your email address then press the submit button. Keep in mind that you will now have to login with this email address since the old one will be rendered invalid.
Signup Instructions
The following link has a PDF document with instructions on how to signup as a Teacher.

To view this file you will need Adobe Acrobat

Basic Instructions
The following link has a PDF document with some basic instructions on how to use the VirtualEd system as a teacher.

To view this file you will need Adobe Acrobat

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