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Feel free to try our Internet Explorer 4.0: A Beginner's Guide or Netscape Communicator 4.0: An Overview courses. These courses contain samples of many of the features that make Virtual Impact's Online Training courses outstanding. We think you'll like what you see.

Here's what you'll find in Virtual Impact's Online Training courses:

  • Thorough and clear content
  • Interactivity  
  • Inviting graphics
  • Simulations of actual applications  
  • Exercises for hands-on experience
  • Questions to test what you've learned  
  • Feedback that reinforces the concepts  
  • Standalone or network presentation  
  • A Scores page to guide you to content you have not yet mastered (scores in the demo course will not represent your individual performance, however, because you are not using an individual ID to access the course)
  • Automatic bookmarking, so you return to the page where you left off (not implemented in the demo course)

  • It's as easy as clicking on the flashing "login" button and entering "demo" (all lowercase/no quotes)in both the User ID & Password fields.
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